Curriculum for Class 2

Syllabus Of Session 2019-20

                                                                    Class –II

                                                           Subject –English


                           English Reader                                                      English Grammar

Apr                    L-1 First Day At School                                        Sentence

                           L-2 Magic Blackboard                             Rearrange The Sentence

                           L-3 Oats & Beans &Barley grow                           Statement And Question



May                   L-4 Shalu And The Environment                            Noun

                           L-5 Safety First                                         Number And Gender

                                                                                                            Picture composition


July                    L-6 The Lost Chicken                               Use Of This ,That,These

                           L-7 Earth Day                                            And Those                                               

                           L-8 We Are Different                               Past countinous tense

                                                                                                            Use Of Has,Have,Had

                                                                                                            Making Comparison


Aug                    L-9 Crazy Animals                                                 Pronouns

                           L-10 The Ant And The                             Write 5 Lines On Topic

                                   Grasshopper                                                 Creative writing

Sep                    Revision For Exams

Oct                     L-11 Mr.Nobody                                                   Doing Words

                           L-12 The Wind And The Sun                  Use Of Is,Am,Are

                           L-13 The Swing                                                      Two Applications

                                                                                                            Two Comprehensions


Nov                    L-14 One Sunday                                                  Articles

                           L-15 The Paddling Pool                                        Use Of Apostrophe


Dec                    L-16 We Can Not Find Our Feet                           Simple Present And Present

                           L-17  Glurp The Purple                                        Continous Tense

                           L-18 The Robbot And The                      3 Forms of verbs

                                         Cobbler                                                     Prepositions


Jan                     L-19 A Smile                                                           Conjuction

                           L-20 The Honest Girl                               Questions Words

Feb                    Revision For Final Exam                                     


हिंदी कक्षा-2


Term 1-

अप्रैल: पाठ1सूरज आया , पाठ-2अपना घर है सबको प्यारा

व्याकरण : नाम वाले शब्द , वचन बदलो

मई : पाठ 3-आसमान गिरा , पाठ-4-स्वच्छ भारत

व्याकरण : लिंग बदलो , लेख

जुलाई: पाठ-5 : मेरी उड़ान मेरी पहचान ,पाठ- 6- ब्रूनो मिल गया

व्याकरण : सर्वनाम , विलोम शब्द

अगस्त : पाठ 7तीन मूर्ख , पाठ- 8हमारे त्योहार

व्याकरण : पर्यायवाची शब्द , लेख

सितम्बर : दोहराई व परीक्षा

Term 2-

अक्टूबर: पाठ-9-पहले मैं  – पहले मैं ,पाठ-10अध्यापिका की सीख

व्याकरण : विशेषता , एक जैसी आवाज़

नवंबर: पाठ 11मुझे सोने दो , पाठ 12सतरंगी परियाँ

व्याकरण: पत्र लेखन , विराम चिह्न

दिसंबर: पाठ13-चिड़िया ने सबको जगाया , पाठ14चलो, केक बनाएँ

व्याकरण: काम वाले शब्द , पत्र -लेखन

जनवरी : पाठ15कहाँ है भूत ?, पाठ- 16चंदा मामा

व्याकरण: अनुस्वर , अनुनासिक शब्द

फरवरी: दोहराई व परीक्षा



TERM-1                                                                                TERM-2

CH-1 Number and Numeration                                       CH-4  Multiplication

CH-2 Addition                                                                      CH-5  Division

CH-3 Subtraction                                                                             CH-7 Money

CH-6 Fractions                                                                    CH-8 Measurement

CH-9 Time and Calender                                                                CH-11 Data Handling

CH-10 Shapes and Patterns




Apr       L-1 Computer

May      L-2 Parts Of Computer

July       L-3 Keyboard

Aug      L-4 Notepad And Wordpad

Sep       Revision For Exam

Oct       L-5 Starting With Paint

Nov      L-6draw With Paint

Dec       L-7 Starting Word 2013

Jan        L-8 Computers Uses And Manners

Feb       Revision For Final Exam


General Knowledge


Apr       Unit -1 Knowledge World

May      Unit -2 Plant Kingdom

            Unit -3 Animal Kingdom

July     Unit -4 Our Country

Aug     Unit -5 Our World

Sep      Revision For Exam

Oct      Unit -6 Games And Sports

Nov     Unit -7 Language And Literature

Dec       Unit -8 Science World

Jan        Unit -9 Brain Boosters

Feb     Test And Check You I.Q.

Mar      Final Exam




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2Cordova Reader
3Sunehari doop
6Artistry art and activity book   part 2

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