Curriculum for Class 6



Term 1 (April to September)

                                  Theory                                  Practical

April                             L-1 Computer System                                       Starting with Ms Excel

May                              L-2 Spreadsheet in Excel2013                                       Different functions of cells , rows and columns

July                               L-3 More on Excel 2013                                       Formatting of data

August                         L-4 Introduction to publisher 2013                             Using formula in MS Excel

September                 Revision

Term 2 (October to March)

October                       L-5 Introduction to small basic                                       Basic Programming

November                   L-6 Internet                                       Usage of E-Mail

December                   L-7 Introduction to Flash CS5                                       Use of tools

January                        L-8  Working in Flash cs5                                       Using layers and text tool

February                     Revision                                      

March                          Term II


Syllabus for Session 2019-2020



Term 1(April-September)

April– Reader-Ch-1 Taro’s Reward, Ch-2 A little Grain Of Gold (poem)

Grammar– CH- 1 Sentences, Ch- 2 to Ch -5 Nouns

Writing- Letter Writing (Formal and Informal)

May– Reader-Ch-3 Fair Play, Ch-4 A Teacher For All Seasons(poem)

Grammar– Ch-6 Adjectives and Degrees Of Comparison, Ch- 7 Pronouns,  Ch- 8 Articles

Writing– Message Writing

June– Holidays’ Homework and assignments

July-Reader-Ch-5 Little Girls Wiser Than Men , Ch-6 The Quarrel (poem) , Ch-7 Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Grammar– Ch-9, 10 Verbs

Writing- Essay Writing, Picture Composition

August- Reader-Ch-8 What if (poem) , Ch-9 A Different Kind Of School

Grammar– Ch- 12 to 15 Tenses, Ch-27 Synonyms and Antonyms.

Writing- Paragraph Writing, Comprehension.

September-Revision and Exams

Term 2(October to March)

October-Reader- Ch-10 Everyone Is Differently Abled (Poem), Ch-11 The World’s Best Warrior

Grammar- Ch-11 Modals, Ch-16 Active and Passive Voice

Writing-Synonym and Antonym(16-30)

November-Reader- Ch-12 The Fountain(Poem), Ch-13 The Tree

Grammar- Ch-19 Phrasal Verbs, Ch-20 Conjunctions, Ch-21 Interjections

Writing- Comprehension, Notice Writing

December-Reader- Ch-14 Wind On The Hill(Poem), Ch-15 Thank You Ma’am

Grammar– Ch-22 Direct and Indirect Speech, Ch-23 Punctuations and Capital Letters, Ch-26 Understanding Words Better

Writing- Story Writing

January-Reader– Ch-16 The Wonderful Words(Poem), Ch-17 Yoga: Key To Good Health

Grammar- Ch-17 Adverbs and Degrees Of Comparisons, Ch-18 Prepositions

Writing- Diary Writing

February-Reader– Ch-18 On Top Of The World-An Interview With Arunima Sinha.

Grammar- Ch-24 Spellings, Ch-25 Homophones

Writing– Newspaper Report Writing.


 Syllabus of Class 6th(G.K)

Term -1

April – may

         Unit 1  Knowledge  world

          Unit 2 Plants Kingdom


         Unit 3 Animals Kingdom

July- August

          Unit 4 Our country

           Unit 5 Our world

Term -2


          Unit 6 Games and sports

          Unit 7 Language and literature

Dec- January

        Unit 8 Science world

        Unit 9 Brain Booster



                                                                         Class- 6th





Ch-1 Sources of food

Ch-2 Components of food

Ch-3  Fibre to Fabric


Ch-4 sorting materials into groups

Ch-5 Separation of substances

Ch-6 Changes around us


Ch-7 The Living and Non living

Ch-8 Getting to know plants


Term1 syllabus

Ch-9 Body Movements

Ch- 1 to 9


Ch-10 The Living Organisms and their Surroundings

Ch-11 Motion and measurement of Distances


Ch-12 Light, Shadows and Reflections

Ch-13 Electricity and circuits


Ch-14 Magnetism

Ch-15 Water



Term 2 Syllabus

Ch-16 Air around us

Ch-17 Garbage in, Garbage Out

Ch-10 to 17

                              MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL 2019 -2020

                                     SYLLABUS OF SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS VI



History L –1 An Approach Towards The Past

 L -2 The Stone Age

Geo  L -1 Our Earth And Solar System

Civics –L-1 Diversity in India


History L -3 The Age Of Farming

Geo  L -2 The Globe

L -3 Motions of the Earth

Civics  L -2 Diversity And Discrimination


History -L -4 In The Earliest Cities

L -5 The Vedic Age                          

Geo L -4 Maps and Globes

Civics- L -3 Types of Government


History-L -6 Early Kingdoms In India

   Geo – L -5 Major Domains of the Earth

Civics L -4  Democratic Government

         S.A I IN September (REVISION AND EXAM)



History L -7 Rise Of New Ideas And Religion

L -8 The First Empire And Ashoka

Geo L- 6 Major Landforms of the Earth

Civics L -5 Panchayati Raj


History L -10 Flowering of Trade And Religion

Geo L- 8 Climate of India

Civics L -6 Rural Administrations


History L -9 India – Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Geo  L -11 India during The Ages

Civics L -7 Urban Administration


History L- 12 Literature, Art & Architecture Of The Ancient Period

Civics L- 8 Livelihood in Rural area

                               FINAL EXAMINATION IN MARCH



1Learning Science Cordova
2NCERT Maths
3Cordova Reader
4Mastering Grammar
5General Knowledge,Runway
6Computers, Log on
7Hindi NCERT
8Vyakaran Shastra
9Ardaas Punjabi
10Punjabi Vyakaran
11Cordova Social Science

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