Code of Conduct at Mount Litera Zee Sr. Secondary School, Derabassi

Code of Conduct at Mount Litera Zee School in Derabassi

At Mount Litera, we follow the following code of conduct –

– Never knowingly injure anyone’s feelings, person or property in any manner.

– Never to make fun of the old, the poor, the less fortunate and the handicapped.

– Always, to respect the religious beliefs of others.

– Accept victory or defeat sportingly.

– Value courage and endurance, play fairly and courteously.

– Be careful of personal cleanliness

– Realise that hard, persevering, systematic personal efforts are some of the main ingredients to real success, especially in studies.

– Always to remember that ‘Please’ ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ are the most beautiful words in the dictionary.

– Ever to be conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere, decent and dignified in speech, behaviour and action.

Instructions to Parents

Parents and Guardians of students, having already signed Admission Forms and agreeing to observe the rules of the School, should understand that they cannot dictate to the School Authorities on matters of policy, on condition of admission or continuance in School of any student. The School expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure that:

РThe children come to School regularly and punctually, dressed neatly and correctly 

– The children bring to School their books and note-books which should be properly maintained.

– The children prepare their lessons and do their home work regularly

– They are also expected to co-operate with the School Authorities by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School.

Bus Rules

– All the students should obey the respective staff / monitors, the driver and conductors of their buses

– Staff should check the entry of any new person in his / her bus.

– In case of any mishap in the bus, please inform the school office immediately .

– Misbehaviour in the bus, violence in school individually or in a group and damage to property is considered a major disciplinary violation.

– Advance information in writing must be sent in case the child comes in the bus to the school in the morning but does not intend to use it to go back home on a particular day.

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